• Enjoyment and culture in ancient walls

    Here the guest will finds cultivated hospitality and pretty half-timbered houses.
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  • Comedy cabaret in Weinhaus Henninger

    An evening in the Weinhaus Henninger Barrique vault to train to your laughter muscles
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  • History of the Henninger

    From stories told by my grandmother Luise, I know the history

Fringe programs

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No matter what kind of event you are planning - the Palatinate offers you numerous possibilities, excursion destinations and sights to round off your programme perfectly!

There are some suggestions below: We are pleased to remain at your disposal with advice!

Short and day programmes

"Elwedritsch Hunt"

Champagne reception in a winegrowers' cooperative in the Freinsheim holiday region

Guided tour of the cellar and visit to the wine shop.

"Hunt for the Elwedritsch" - entertaining hunt for the Palatinate National Bird with our experienced hunting guide and ceremonial presentation of a hunting certificate to all participants.

In between, a shot of schnapps is administered to calm excitable minds. Duration approx. 1.5 hours,

"Elwedritsche-Broode" - the captured animal is eaten, "Elwedritsche-Broode" with fried potatoes, in one of our restaurants,

Duration approx. 4 hours, 8 - 30 persons, from € 37 per person


Freinsheim - The town of little museums

You start with a visit to the trade museum

To ensure that future generations still know what trades there were and how they worked, in 1998 the trade association decided to set up a trade museum in the medieval inner tower of the iron gate. The visitor has to climb 30 well-worn stone steps, almost 500 years old, before iron bars and heavy wooden doors open.

The second station is the tin figurine museum
The history of Freinsheim scenically presented in showcases

Finish off with the “Historic Toy Museum”

During the tour you will see over 1,000 exhibits from the period 1895 to 1932

Afterwards you have the possibility to visit the ice cream parlour “Laterna Magica” (food not included in the package price)

Duration approx. 2.5 hours, 10 - 20 persons, from € 7


Experience Bergdörfer

Historic village tour with a guest assistant in Weisenheim am Berg, with a tour of the synagogue, church and much more

Duration approx. 1 hour 

A walk on your own to Bobenheim am Berg (approx. 1 km)

Baking bread in “Bobenheimer Backhaus”.

In the baking house, built in 2002, the dough is produced under expert guidance, the oven is heated, bread and flat bread are formed, baked and eaten.

Duration approx. 2.5 hours.

Wine tasting in a vineyard in Weisenheim am Berg, the final event is

dinner in the restaurant, the package price includes € 15 per person.

Duration approx. 5.5 hours, 10 - 20 persons, from €39 per person


Dine around in Freinsheim

Welcome by the night watchman with a glass of Secco, followed by a

3-course menu in three different restaurants, either "bourgeois" or haute cuisine

The night watchman accompanies you from restaurant to restaurant and entertains you with anecdotes and information about the medieval town

Duration approx. 4 hours, 10 - 25 persons, from € 39 per person


Hike and wagon ride

Wagon ride through the vines surrounding Freinsheim

Meeting point: Freinsheim train station, duration approx. 1.5 hours

End of the wagon ride: Distillery Scherner in Weisenh/Sd.

Even more information, tips & suggestions are available at the following link:

Fringe programme Palatinate - Freinsheim holiday region
Provided with kind support from the Freinheim holiday region

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